Kaarta Engine

Kaarta Engine is our purpose-built 3D mapping and localization algorithms that artfully solve the simultaneous location and mapping problem of both capturing what is around it (mapping) and where it is in that environment relative to the map (location) . Kaarta’s unparalleled expertise in localization – a result of our deep robotics roots – is fundamental to our patent-pending approach to solving the SLAM problem, surpassing the drift error of alternative SLAM systems by an order of magnitude.

Kaarta Engine is at the heart of our Stencil, Contour and Traak products, and it is also the mapping and localization intelligence behind an array of third-party geospatial and mobile autonomous robotics solutions that need to quickly and accurately assess and understand the fundamental questions of where they are and what is around them.

Kaarta Engine

Kaarta Engine includes IMU data and increasingly sophisticated algorithms for tracking, odometry, mapping, and localization – all without the aid of other signals such as Wi-Fi, beacons or GNSS. Another input used for specific applications includes the use of wheel odometry input when drift is a concern for mobile robot applications.

Technology features

Achieving accurate, low-drift results takes more than multi-sensor input processing. Kaarta technology addresses an array of challenges inherent in mobile capture to ensure high fidelity output.

Localization and mapping for autonomous robots

A robot navigates its way down grocery store aisle looking for spills and out of inventory items on the shelves. Another robot goes about its work cleaning floors of commercial and institutional buildings. A ‘last-mile’ robot makes a home delivery. What do all of these have in common? All of these systems need a map and need to know where they are on the map. While the Global Positioning System (GPS) uses a constellation of satellites to allow phones and cars to navigate and move in these same environments, what happens when that signal is weak, lost, or denied? The systems must stop because they do not know where they are.

This is one of many problems that Kaarta technology solves for autonomous robots.