• Rotate the Velodyne by slowly rolling and pitching at the beginning of the scan before moving around.

  • When transitioning between rooms or turning corners, move a little slower to build up new area before proceeding.

  • Scanning with the lidar scan planes closer to horizontal is the best. Tilting up to 45 degrees is okay when stationary. Definitely do not combine tilting with rotations while scanning.

  • Do not start scanning in a corner or near a wall. It is better to start in the center of the room.

  • When ascending/descending stairs orient the sensor parallel to the pitch of the stairs (also see 1.a above).

  • For large areas, it is best to hold the scanner above your head to get the overall outline of the room. This will help eliminate any drift while walking around.


  • For vertical scanning, tilt the lidar up to 45 degrees while standing still, but do not tilt and move around at the same time.

  • While scanning vertically, ensure there is structure in front of and behind the scanner.