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Scanning Tricks and Tips

Double Registration

Looking at the top right corner of the image on the left, one can see two different outlines for the same building. This is caused by drift during the data collection from the first time you pass ...


Preventing Sun Glare

Sun glare occurs when the sun shines directly or is reflected into the lidar while collecting data. You won't see this problem on overcast days for obvious reasons. You can resolve this by either collecting data when ...


Dealing with Reflections

The wall at the bottom of the point cloud is reflected into the scanner through the reflective surface in the middle and registered incorrectly at the top of the point cloud since the scanner cannot distinguish between ...


General Scanning Tips

Please submit any additional tips to for possible inclusion in future revisions of this page. If you are doing a lot of indoor scanning in extruded tunnels, tight spaces, and small rooms, consider Kaarta Contour. The Velodyne 3D ...


Handheld Scanning Tips

Indoor Rotate the Velodyne by slowly rolling and pitching at the beginning of the scan before moving around. When transitioning between rooms or turning corners, move a little slower to build up new area before proceeding. ...


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