Real Earth Announces Name Change to Kaarta

Rebrand reflects vision and technology for advancing 3D modeling

Pittsburgh, PA – February 2, 2017 – Real Earth, the innovator of the next big leap in 3D modeling, today announced its corporate name change to Kaarta. The new identity draws inspiration from cartography, the art and science of map-making, and captures the company’s pioneering take on this practice – to reveal 3D models of the real world in real-time.

“We are launching a new corporate identity that better expresses our vision to easily and accurately transform the real world into actionable 3D digital models,” said Kevin Dowling, CEO of Kaarta. “Much as cartography advanced beyond rules and compasses which enabled widespread growth in exploration, Kaarta is breaking barriers by applying our proprietary intelligence engine to real-time 3D mapping, modeling, and localization, opening up a host of uses never before possible.”

Even in the technologically-advanced world of spatial capture, the Company’s innovations stand apart. Kaarta generates precise 3D models in real time with no reliance on prior maps, GPS or post-processing of data. The impact of these advancements allows a dramatic improvement in workflow, cost efficiency, and real-time decision making.

Architecture, engineering, and construction applications abound – ranging from as-built structures to urban infrastructure projects – and are on the rise as global cities undertake massive efforts to update their aging infrastructure. Further applications include surveying, mining, military, first responder, robotics, and autonomous vehicles.

The team behind Kaarta is highly experienced in the commercially-successful application of advanced technologies to solve universal challenges. Kaarta’s founders hail from Carnegie Mellon University’s prestigious Robotics Institute. Last year, Kaarta brought on start-up veteran and fellow CMU Robotics Institute alum Kevin Dowling as CEO. The team, which now includes other industry veterans in business and marketing, brings impressive track records in turning technology into high-growth companies.

The rebrand comes on the heels of the company’s first full year of business operations that already generate revenue and have gained significant traction and new customers for its handheld 3D modeling devices, SaaS offering, and OEM and licensing. Additional first-year achievements included:

  • Winner of the 2016 Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition
  • First and second place in the KITTI SLAM Benchmark
  • Building an international presence with distribution available in the Americas, Europe and Asia.
  • Patent-pending technology and design

About Kaarta

Kaarta is the innovator of real-time mobile 3D reality capture, mapping complex environments with unprecedented speed, fidelity and ease. Kaarta works without external signal infrastructure such as GPS or Wi-Fi. Kaarta’s patent-pending technology, rooted in advanced robotics, accurately transforms the real world into multi-dimensional 3D digital models, streamlining workflow, reducing time, lowering cost, and providing a new level of understanding of spaces for humans and autonomous machines alike. Now the spectrum of stakeholders across architecture, engineering, construction, and property owner/operators, facilities planners and managers, and mobile robotics developers can work from the same truth. Additional information is available at


Kathy Pattison
Head of Marketing