Kaarta Wins Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition for Second Consecutive Year

Reports remarkable accuracy of just 0.03-meter average localization error

Stencil 2 Scanning Device with a Tablet showing the interface in the background

Kaarta Stencil® stand-alone, light weight, and low-cost system unleashing the integrated power of mapping and real-time position estimation


Pittsburgh, PA – May 5, 2017 – Kaarta, innovator of the next big leap in 3D modeling, took first place for the second consecutive year at the Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition held at the IPSN 2017 conference. Not only did Kaarta achieve the best accuracy score overall, it did so in real time without the use of prior maps or any infrastructure such as beacons or ultrawideband radio and required no post processing.

The Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition is a well-known annual benchmark for assessing many approaches to indoor localization. This year, technologies from both academia and industry were put to the test in a space encompassing 600 square meters and two floors. Each team was required to report the coordinates of 20 test points that were previously measured by Joint Research Centre (JRC) – the European Commission’s science and knowledge service – using a tripod-mounted laser scanner for the purpose of ground truth assessment. With a remarkable 0.03-meter average localization error as compared to ground truth, Kaarta bested its own winning accuracy mark from last year and demonstrated the extreme speed and ease of use of its technology.

“It’s been exciting to take part in this competition and we’re thrilled to have won a second time in as many years,” said Kevin Dowling, CEO of Kaarta. “We are proving that real-time results are attainable, and that accuracy needn’t suffer for the sake of speed and usability. 3D modeling through mapping and localization is ripe for a step change especially for indoor applications, underscored by our maxim that ‘the inside is as big as the outside.’ ”

Kaarta completed the challenge hand carrying Stencil™, Kaarta’s mobile, lightweight, and low-cost system that unleashes the integrated power of mapping and real-time position estimation.  Like all Kaarta devices, Stencil is powered by Kaarta Engine which uses multiple sensors including lidar, IMU, and camera to feed Kaarta’s core set of algorithms to build a faithful map of surroundings and determine position within it, all in real time without prior maps, infrastructure or GPS, and with no post processing.

Kaarta will next demonstrate its 3D modeling technologies at GeoBusiness in London, May 23rd-24th, 2017.

About Kaarta

Kaarta is the innovator of real-time mobile 3D reality capture, mapping complex environments with unprecedented speed, fidelity and ease. Kaarta works without external signal infrastructure such as GPS or Wi-Fi. Kaarta’s patent-pending technology, rooted in advanced robotics, accurately transforms the real world into multi-dimensional 3D digital models, streamlining workflow, reducing time, lowering cost, and providing a new level of understanding of spaces for humans and autonomous machines alike. Now the spectrum of stakeholders across architecture, engineering, construction, and property owner/operators, facilities planners and managers, and mobile robotics developers can work from the same truth. Additional information is available at www.kaarta.com.


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Ji Zhang, Kaarta Co-founder and Chief Scientist, competing in the 2017 Microsoft Indoor Localization Competition.