Rapid and accurate mobile 3D scan technology: A fast track from capture to answer

Robot smarts on the inside drive systems that capture the world outside, bridging the physical world with its 3D digital twin for applications across architectural, geospatial and autonomous robotics applications.

Meet the Family of Mobile Scanning Systems


A flexible platform for long-range mobile mapping across a wide variety of outdoor and large-scale interior applications.

This shows the Kaarta Contour Scanning Device and its built-in screen interface


All-in-one mobile color 3D capture system for interior mapping and tight, complex spaces, speeding the workflow from scan to BIM.

The Traak Scanning device pictured with a cylindrical lidar hood


Low density solution ideally suited for rapid localization data collection and decision making for autonomous robots.

The magic inside

Kaarta’s proprietary, purpose-built technology provides on demand answers to these essential questions.

Where Am I?

What is Here?

Mapping for robots

Whether navigating a warehouse or a retail store aisle, cleaning floors, or making a last mile home delivery,  autonomous robots need a map and need to know where they are on the map. Kaarta provides a new level of understanding of spaces for humans and autonomous machines alike.

With Kaarta, we are able to quickly provide any property owner/operator or management official with the space layouts and measurements that are critically important to manage and report on their capital and real estate assets. Kaarta is efficient, allowing Concourse to map an entire space in a matter of minutes, saving our clients time and money and delivering the level of accuracy they expect.

Geoff Perkins, President, Concourse Federal

Badger Technologies uses Kaarta to create a master map of grocery and other retail stores, mapping a 60,000 ft sq (5,600 m sq) store in an hour or less. We have already captured over 400 retail locations for our first customer and are excited to expand our roll out.

Mark Shake, Business Development, Badger Technologies, a product division of Jabil


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