Digitize the world around you GPS-free

Stencil® is a stand-alone, light weight, and low-cost system unleashing the integrated power of mapping and real-time position estimation for infrastructure inspectors, security personnel, architects, farmers, or anyone who needs an easy way to document the 3D world quickly and dependably.


Kaarta's algorithms have been integrated with 3D Lidar and IMU to provide 6 DOF State information at 200 Hz for those automating robots as well as generating maps in realtime. 



Scanning beneath tree canopies, inside buildings, or in areas where GPS is obscured? No problem. Stencil doesn't need GPS for fast, accurate, and low-cost 3D real-time simultaneous localization and mapping.




  • Adapter fits VLP-16 (included or user supplied)
  • mini HDMI
  • USB3 X 2
  • Connections for the Velodyne® LiDAR
  • Input: Power 12-19 vDC


  • 700 (1.54lb) gram package (without lidar)

  • Laser scanner: adapts to Velodyne VLP-16/HDL-32E
  • MEMS IMU: 6DOF solid state
  • i7 dual core processor
  • Input: Power 12-19 vDC
  • Output: USB3 (USB3 to GigE adapter provided)