Office Complex



December 2016


216 Oakland Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA

Products used

Kaarta Contour™ & Kaarta Stencil™


Architecture, Real Estate


As-built 3D models for architectural design

Degree of difficulty



Capture the interior and exterior of buildings from street level to above the roofline to plan additional floors taking into account various floor levels in each building.

A ground map was created and used to register additional scans from within the building and from the roof.

Scans were merged from multiple Stencil scans and a Contour scan of the interior. In this case, merging was a post-processing operation but done very easily by placing the point clouds in close proximity and then an automated process took over.


An excellent and comprehensive interior and exterior scan that showed the relationship of  interior and exterior features. The architect even remarked “I don’t need to go to CAD for the information I needed.”

Previous method

Tape measure and old out-of-date blueprints with reference points established by surveyors.

Time/time savings

60 minutes to scan inside and out. Compared to 8 hours inside and out using stationary lidar and not counting post-processing.