Office Complex





October 2017


77 8th Avenue, New York, NY

Products used

Kaarta Contour™


Architecture, Real Estate


Exploration of rapid 3D scan to serviceable 3D model for practical application and condensed workflow for as-built commercial properties


Beginning with a real-time scan of a space and minimizing time on property, a wide variety of information can be extracted to illustrate, inform, visualize, and facilitate property-related business. In this example, we started with a space, rapidly created a registered point cloud that was then used to generate floor plans, CAD models, and a BIM model. Within 24-72 hours of a scan all of these instruments are available. These then become useful information sources for General Leasing Area (GLA), Building Condition Index (BCI), Reflected Ceiling Plans, and much more. Every trade in the course of a project will benefit from these as-built drawings and models. Project management will benefit. What-if scenarios become easy exercises, and not exercises in futility.